Advanced Idea Mechanics (A.I.M.) is a major terrorist organization that was a former branch of HYDRA. Like HYDRA, A.I.M.'s goal is global domination, but rather through technological means.


A.I.M. was initially the Research and Development branch of HYDRA. It grew independent of HYDRA and broke away from its parent organization. A.I.M. began as a conglomerate of high-tech arms-dealers until it was later reorganized into its current form.

A.I.M. first came into conflict with the New Mutants when they abducted Lex Luthor while attending a science fair at Bayville High School and interrogated the businessman for the access codes to LexCorp's bio-processing units in order to linked them to their own unit and allowing A.I.M. to hack every computer on Earth with ease. However, the New Mutants and Justice League along with their new ally Steel foiled A.I.M.'s attempts, which results in the organization's bio-processing unit damaged. A.I.M. salvaged the processor in which their commander willingly volunteered himself to becoming its host, who subsequently becoming the cyborg being known as M.O.D.O.C.[1]


  1. The Last Son, Book Three: Changes, "Testing Mettle"

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