Amanda Waller
Amanda Waller
Species: Human
Hair: Black
Affiliations: Project Cadmus

Amanda Waller is the head of Project Cadmus in her belief would one day counter act with powerful forces such as Justice League as they are not bound to any government.


After forming Cadmus, Waller would make several attempts to steal Kryptonian technology and/or find ways to control Superman and his allies, with no success. Some of her more notable schemes included kidnapping Power Girl and having Mary Storm experiment on a Kryptonian prison block that ultimately led to the release of General Zod and the near-destruction of the Earth. Despite these disasters, Waller salvaged from her mistakes and continued to try to find ways to control the newly formed Justice League, including creating the Suicide Squad, an elite group of mercenaries who tried to kidnap weaker members of the League and interrogate them, again, with no success.


As the head of Project Cadmus, Waller is very focused on keeping national security, and will go to great lengths in order to obtain any possible advantage over superhumans, always remaining wary of any of them, no matter how heroic they might seem to be. Nevertheless, she is significantly less ruthless than others of her colleagues, some of whom are willing to endanger or even kill civilians to fulfill their goals, although she's not above working with people of questionable backgrounds if she considers them useful.

Background InformationEdit

In DC Comics, Amanda Waller has persistently proven herself a powerful antagonist and sometimes-ally of the superheroes of the DC universe, often serving as an antiheroine. The Last Son 's version of Waller is mostly based on her DCAU incarnation.

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