Amazing Grace
AKA: Gordon Godfrey
Species: New Gods
Hair: Blond
Relatives: Glorious Godfrey (brother)

Amazing Grace is the sister of Glorious Godfrey and a member of Darkseid's inner circle.


Whereas her brother Godfrey acts as Apokolips' propaganda master, Amazing Grace ferrets out secrets and plots against Darkseid. Given her beauty, Grace uses sexual seduction to sleep with workers or slum-dwellers until they all but worship her and tell her whatever she wants to know.

When Superman was taken prisoner and tortured by Desaad to revealing the secret of the Anti-Life Equation, Grace took a liking of Superman and attempted to rape him by disguising as a slave-girl with his lover's face, Alison Blaire, in a hologram where Superman was Darkseid's soldier. However, Superman saw through her trickery. Grace then offered to dye her hair blonde to appear more pleasing, but became enraged when he flatly rejected her. She attacked him, hitting him several times before being restrained by her brother. Following Superman's escape, she was tortured by Darkseid via Omega Beam.

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