Real name: Lloyd Webber
Species: Human
Hair: Red-blond
Eyes: Blue
Affiliations: Joker
Abilities: Genius intelligence

Arcade, real name Lloyd Webber, was a student at Bayville High School and a sociopath with an interest in creating deadly deathtraps for his victims.


Murderworld Edit


Due to being bullied, Lloyd developed the urge for revenge on everyone who took advantage of him and when he met the Joker, his personality became darker and psychotic in his twisted sense of entertaining people. After taking the name Arcade, he is willing to go so far to commit murder to his enemies, especially his own family.

Powers and abilitiesEdit




Joker Edit

Due to being bullied at school, Lloyd formed a partnership with the Gotham clown to create Murderworld to get back at everyone who wronged him. Saw him as a mentor-figure who understood him due their common ideals and took the dark path into becoming Arcade.


Duncan Edit

X-Men Edit

Justice League Edit

Background InformationEdit

Arcade (Earth-616)

Arcade in the comics.


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