Species: Atlantean
Rogue of: Namor
Abilities: Superhuman strength and endurance;

Underwater adaptation

Attuma is an Atlantean nomadic warlord who is the nemesis of Namor.


Attuma was a leader of a tribe of barbaric Atlanteans, who once were banished from Atlantis. Since his tribe's banishment, Attuma declared that he would conquer the city of Atlantis and destined to rule as an ancient prophecy predicted in the so-called Atlantean Chronicles - even though the Chronicles doesn't actually refer to him by name - and thus became a persistent enemy of the Atlantean king Namor and his family.

Powers and abilitiesEdit


Background InformationEdit

In Marvel Comics, Attuma is a Atlantean warlord and father of the superhero Andromeda. He believed he is the prophesied conqueror of the Atlantean Empire and clashes with Namor.

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