Real name: Sean Cassidy
AKA: Banshee
Species: Human Mutant
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Relatives: Antia LeRoux (half-sister)
Dinah Lance (half-sister)
Base: Excalibur HQ, Moira Island, Scotland
Affiliations: Excalibur
Abilities: Sonic Scream
Weaponry: Sonic Scream power, hand-to-hand combat training.

Banshee, real name Sean Cassidy, is the mutant half-brother of both Siryn and Black Canary. He is currently a member of an elite all-mutant task force based out of Scotland, working covertly for the British Government and MI6, the existance of his team, codenamed "Excalibur" is currently unknown to the British public.



Like his half-siblings, Banshee can project high-frequency and high-volume sonic blast in the form of a scream or wail, with similar effects to those produced by his siblings.

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