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The Batcave

The Batcave located beneath Wayne Manor, is Batman's primary headquarters.

History Edit

Bruce Wayne discovered that there were caves underneath his family mansion at some point after his parents were murdered. In keeping his decision to fight crime as a vigilante, he adopted the caverns as a secret operations center. It was inside the cave that Bruce first assumed the mantle of the Bat.

The Batcave serves as a garage and mechanic's workshop for Batman's vehicles, a crime laboratory for all his equipment (including the Batcomputer) and a museum of sorts for various trophies. The cave also features a gymnasium and a high-tech obstacle course, to keep Batman and his associates in fighting condition.

Layout Edit

Batman constructed at least two access points to the cave:

  • A grandfather clock in the manor library concealed a flight of stone stairs leading down to the cave.
  • A secret tunnel hidden in an alley in Gotham, connected to an underground path that allows the Batmobile to enter and exit the cave.

There is also a means of allowing flying vehicles, such as the Batwing, to exit.

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