The Battle of Krenthia was fought on the planet Krenthia V between the Skrulls and the Kryptonians. Krenthia V was occupied by Skrull forces, who enslaved the local civilization, with the intent of occupying the planet's Kryptonian outpost. The Skrulls enabled a standard economic treaty, with the caveat of giving the Skrull contingent full autonomy in the event of an attack on Krenthian soil, followed by a staged assassination attempt on the commanding officer and the Skrulls suddenly have the right to impose martial law. General Zod was dispatched to Krenthia V where he was able to utterly annihilating the Skrull forces on the planet. The Skrulls contemptuously branded General Zod as the "Butcher of Krenthia".[1]


  1. The Last Son, Book Three: Changes, "Flashpoint"

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