Black Cat
Black Cat
Real name: Felicia Hardy
Species: Human
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Hazel
Relatives: John Hardesky (father)
Base: New York City
Affiliations: Siryn (associate)
Abilities: Hand-to-hand combat with excellent gymnastic abilities;

Expert burglar;

Weaponry: Grapnel

Black Cat, real name Felicia Hardy (Born Felicity Hardesky), is a cat-themed costume cat burglar and the estranged love interest of Spider-Man.


Felicia Hardy is an heiress who became a highly talented professional thief, known as the Black Cat. She is also friends with Anita LeRoux, whom she entrusted Felicia with the secret of her abilities and family. Ever since becoming the Black Cat, she comes across several times with Spider-Man and grew to become infatuated with him.

Felicia was recruited by Anita into stealing the Stone of Arkanas from the New York Museum of Natural History in order to use its mystical properties to enchant Superman. The theft was caught aware by the Man of Steel, Spider-Man and the X-Men; in which Felicia was trapped into the floor by Shadowcat. Once the Stone was destroyed during battle, Felicia was able to escape by removing her boots that were phased to the floor.

Felicia found herself dealing with Spider-Man again after the hero had joined the Justice League, the League interfering with her attempt to steal an artefact from a museum. However, Felicia learned too late that her current 'employees' were actually vampires, with lead vampire Deacon Frost seeking to use her as a sacrifice to seal his pact with the blood god, La Marga, and lead the vampires in a slaughter against the humans. Aided by the vampires' enemy Blade, the X-Men and the League were able to keep Felicia alive until sunrise, when Frost's pact ran out and he was left to burn to death, but Spider-Man made it clear that his new responsibilities to the League meant that he would no longer let Felicia off as easily as he had in the past, regardless of how they felt about each other.

When Felicia attempted to stage a prison break to release her father, she was confronted by Spider-Man- currently under the influence of an Apokolis biotechnology that enhanced his powers while affecting his emotions- when it was revealed that her father, John Hardesky, was the man responsible for the death of Ben Parker. However, John Hardesky revealed that Ben's death had been an accident, allowing the League to force the suit off of Spider-Man. Felicia was subsequently 'recruited' by the Suicide Squad to monitor the League for the government, accepting the offer as the alternative was jail.


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Background informationEdit

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