Real name: Clarice Ferguson
Species: Human Mutant
Hair: Pink
Eyes: Green
Affiliations: X-Force
Abilities: Teleportation

Blink is a young Mutant who was originally under service of Sinister in fear, now enrolled to the Xavier Institute as a member of the X-Force.


Born Clarice Ferguson, she developed her mutant powers at a very young age and was subsequently abandoned by her parents to Sinister. After being experimented, she and along with Exodus were recruited into freeing Apocalypse to which Sinister assured her that once her task is finished she would be free. She and Exodus fought the X-Men as a distraction for Sinister to abduct Mystique, who acts as the final key to Apocalypse's prison. After Apocalypse was freed, Blink was judged by the mutant for being weak and unwilling to follow his will, and almost had her killed if not for Mystique to intervene and allowing her to escape.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Blink has the ability to teleport herself and others at will. Blink's portals are typically pink.



Background InformationEdit

In Marvel Comics, Blink appeared in the "Phalanx Covenant" storyline, in which she and several other young mutants were abducted by techno-organic beings called the Phalanx. She was killed after sacrificing her life in allowing the remaining captives to be freed.

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