Brainiac Mark VI
Species: Artificial Intelligence
Relatives: Brainiac (creator),
Brainiac 5 (brethren)
Rogue of: Justice League

Brainiac Mark VI was the sixth Brainiac Emulator program created by Brainiac. It was specifically sent to Earth to absorb the planet's information and destroying the planet, in accordance to its creator's purpose, and to destroy Superman.


Brainiac Mark VI was regarded by Brainiac as his greatest creation; it was perfected as an emotionless intelligence within a swarm of nano-bots, capable of assimilating and incorporating any system they interfaced with or, at least, any Earth system; the nano-bots were based on low-tech maintenance systems from the Kryptonian satellite Brainiac had used to escape Krypton. Though the nano-bots were not robust enough to assimilate Kryptonian technology, they would suffice.

Mark VI was jettisoned to Earth in a Trans-Warp pod and arrived within several months. Its arrival came during the climax of the revelation of mutants and made landfall off the coast of Genosha. Superman, Green Lantern, and Hawkgirl intercepted Mark VI's vessel, but it managed to land into the ocean where it absorbed numerous sunken Sentinels that were destroyed by the heroes, and created a giant Sentinel-composite body. Immediately thereafter, Mark VI hacked into Earth's entire military and defense system, and almost had complete control of the world's nuclear arsenal in preparation for the planet's eradication except that it lacked sufficient power to enforce its control - in which Mark VI was prompted to travel to the nearest power source, located in New York state.

The only forces that stood in the Mark VI's path were Superman, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Martian Manhunter, and Aquaman. These heroes did their best in stopping the Mark VI until its brethren, Brainiac Mark V, discovered a way to destroy it by tapping into the Mark VI's communication frequency in order to upload a Kryptonian computer virus from the Fortress of Solitude into it. Brainiac Mark V succeeded in infecting the Mark VI with the virus, causing it to lose its defenses and allowing its body to be destroyed by the heroes. Only Mark VI's original template managed to make a desperate escape from its Sentinel-composite body but ultimately succumbed to the virus, and promptly disintegrated.

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