Bridget Blaire
AKA: Aunt Bridget
Species: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Relatives: Carter Blaire (brother)
Alison Blaire (niece)
Michael Blaire (husband)
Jenny Blaire (daughter)

Bridget Blaire is the aunt and manager of Alison Blaire.


Bridget and her family usually traveled around the world, including briefly settling in Smallville. After Alison Blaire's father Carter hadn't approved of her singing career, Bridget "adopted" her niece and becoming her manager. Beside managing Alison's career, Bridget also home-schooled Alison, making sure her "gorgeous and talented niece didn't neglect her academic life."

Bridget came with Alison on her singing tour in Bayville, and came to learn from her niece about her secret mutant powers. Although surprised, Bridget assured her niece that her ability makes all the more special. She later enrolled Alison to the Xavier Institute, attend Bayville High School, and allowing her to record her own songs.

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