Real name: Cesar Fernandez
Species: Human
Hair: Black
Affiliations: Los Diablos Locos

Cesar Fernandez was a gang leader of Los Diablos Locos and one of New York City's crime lords.


Cesar Fernandez and many most recognized members of New York's organized crime were summoned to a secret meeting that was overseen by Wilson Fisk that concern on the Justice League. Fernandez was nonchalant on how he personally dealt with the heroes interfering with his business, but he and the others eventually realized that they will be eventually taken down in the end. When Fisk proposed an alliance against their common enemies, Fernandez and the other crime lords outright rejected of being under Fisk's leadership and degenerated into standoff between them and the Kingpin's men. However, the meeting was raided by the Justice League. During the fracas, Fernandez and his gang were knocked unconscious after being blasted by the Shocker. Fernandez was later arrested by the police.

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