"Coup d'Etat" is the thirtieth chapter of The Last Son, Book Three: Changes.



Hawkgirl: You're sure you want to do this?
Superman: I really feel like I have to, Shayera.
Green Lantern: I still say you're overreacting. So you got dumped; it stinks, but it happens. (Krypto whines). See? Even your dog agrees with me!

Green Lantern: This Shaw has the cash to buy an island, and he still needs to run a criminal empire?
Superman: With men like him, it's never a question of 'need.'

Sebastian Shaw: (after the Justice League break through the door) Hmm…I suppose I should have invested in a doorbell, after all.

Superman: I didn't know the Club was in the manure business, Shaw, because that was an awful load of horse-crap you just shoveled out.

Sebastian Shaw: You know, I've heard of your more recent exploits. Letting a man – a vampire, really, but still – immolate himself? Cutting off the King of Lemuria's hand, after launching a weapon of mass destruction at his forces? *tsked* No small wonder Fury and his ilk are so paranoid about you; and they call my organization a threat.
Superman: We are nothing alike! I have made mistakes, yes, but I refuse to let them rule me!

Sebastian Shaw: (last words) So…you show your true colours… My son…the common thug…

Emma Frost: I never needed your help, Charles; yours, nor anyone's! I have always handled my crises alone; it's in my nature!


Background informationEdit

  • The premise of having a central character becoming fabulously wealthy at the expense of the central villain, but now live in fear of the villain's return and retribution is similar to the episode "If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?" of Batman: The Animated Series and two episodes of Batman: Beyond ("Ascension" and "Inqueling").

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