"Crashdance" is the seventeenth chapter of The Last Son, Book Two: Reckonings. The Bayville High Sadie Hawkins dance arrives, and everybody is scrambling for dates. While this is going on, Forge constructs a device to lengthen Nightcrawler's teleportation reaches, however the creatures he encounters while passing through a 'separate dimension' during his teleport, manage to escape through open portals Nightcrawler leaves behind.



Wolverine: Nice place. You could make a killing in the home-heating business, here.

Wolverine: Kurt. Did you see anybody with horns?
Wolverine: Anybody sporting a pitchfork?
Nightcrawler: No.
Wolverine: Then it wasn't Hell. You got nothing to worry about in that regard.

Beast: Are we in any danger of them following Kurt's teleportation into this plane?
Forge: Hmm...well, it's theoretically possible that slowing Kurt's 'ports could place a greater strain on the fabric of space-time, making the gap between dimensions thin enough for them to cross over... but if that was happening, we'd be seeing it, by now...
(a dimensional rift just open as five demonic lizards hop out of it)
Forge: Me and my big mouth.

Wolverine: I thought you weren't big on violence.
Beast: I do believe that there are often better solutions to problems, but there comes a time when every man has to stand up for...oh, you get the point!


Background informationEdit

  • This story is an adaption of the X-Men: Evolution episode "Shadow Dance".

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