Real name: Victor Stone
Species: Human
Eyes: Black
Base: Metropolis
Affiliations: Six Musketeers (formerly)
Abilities: Body replaced with advanced prosthetics granting:
  • Superhuman strength, intellect, and durability
  • Numerous functions such as sensors and weaponry

Cyborg, real name Victor Stone is an independent superhero.


Victor suffered a severe accident that left most of his body to be replaced with cybernetics. He grew up in Smallville, Kansas, where he became close friends with Clark Kent, Wally West, Arthur Curry, Oliver Queen, and Lex Luthor. These six friends became known as the "Six Musketeers" and had several misadventures.

Throughout the years, Victor had been upgrading his body and traveling from place to place, taking odd jobs. He preferred most of his travels on foot or by bus as, given to his metal components, metal detectors were common in transit areas such as airports and would only set them off.

Victor currently works as a private investigator. In one of his cases, he met a young woman named Mackenzie Fox who ran a youth center helping mutant and metahuman children in the local zone, and decided to help her with it. He has an open invitation to join the Justice League, but has declined it.

Powers and abilities Edit

  • Cybernetic Exoskeleton: A large part of Cyborg's human body was replaced with cybernetic implants encased in titanium plating. The cybernetics bestow Cyborg with the following abilities:
    • Greatly increased strength and endurance. He is incredibly durable to harm, and resistant to adverse conditions like extreme heat, cold, and sea pressure.
    • High-end sensor, communications, and computational technology.
    • Cyborg's inbuilt offensive capabilities include his trademark Sonic Cannon (one in each arm), smaller sonic blasters located in his feet, two sets of missile launchers (one in each shoulder) and a couple of missiles in his chest.
  • Genius Intellect: Cyborg is an expert in the fields of mechanical engineering, robotics, physics and computer science.


Despite having suffered a terrible accident, Victor mantains a very positive attitude, very outgoing and enjoys to have fun with his friends. He is upbeat, smart, funny, and cheerful, but serious and heroic when he needs to be.

Background InformationEdit

The Last Son's version of Cyborg has elements of his Smallville and Teen Titans incarnation.


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