Species: Shi'ar
Hair: Black
Relatives: Kral'Nor (father)
Rin'andra (mother)
Cal'syee (sister)
Lilandra Neramani (sister)
Affiliations: Shi'ar Empire
Rogue of: Superman

D'Ken was son of Kral'Nor and successor of the Shi'ar Empire.


D'Ken was born a prince under the upbringing of Shi'ar Emperor Kral'Nor, and was devoted to his father's cause of a Greater Shi'ar Empire. D'Ken and his father's ideals was put into conflict with Krypton that degenerated into the Krypton-Shi'ar War, which resulted into a devastating defeat for the Shi'ar. When the Shi'ar was forced into peace terms with Krypton, D'Ken and his family were present at the negotiations with General Zod and Jor-El in Kryptonopolis. D'Ken was very spiteful of the terms delivered by the Kryptonians and the disgraced befell on his father. He immediately lashed out at General Zod's disrespectful attitude towards Kral'Nor, in which Zod backhanded D'Ken and demanded an apology from the young upstart, with a threatening hint, which D'Ken reluctantly obeyed at his father's command. The incident left a significant impact on D'Ken into vowing to have his revenge on Zod and the Kryptonians.

After the war, the Shi'ar Empire fell into civil war between the Empire and the Shi'ar Republic led by D'Ken's sister Lilandra Neramani. The remnants of the Shi'ar Empire fled what was once of their empire that fell into the Republic and continued its existence which soon commanded by D'Ken and his sister Cal'syee

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