Daxamites are a humanoid race that originated from the planet Daxam. Like most races they are easily distinguished to Humans but their biology is more advanced and possessed solar-based powers similar to Kryptonians. They are easily known for their highly xenophobic society.


Centuries ago, the Daxamites were developing solar abilities when the first aliens, the Kryptonians, visited their world. The Daxamites responded by demanding the Kryptonians to leave their world and from then on developing a culture of fear and distrust towards aliens, and isolating themselves from the galactic community. By contemporary times, the Daxamites saw the day of first contact and its results as a sense of national pride.

Inevitably, the Daxamites became involved in intergalactic affairs when a diplomatic vessel from the Galactic Confederacy crash landed on Daxam. The Daxamites declined Confederate officials of joining the Confederacy. However, a number of radical Daxamites were interested in knowing the wider known universe in which some went to the diplomatic corps, universities, or in Lar Gand's case the Space Police.


Daxamites are considered highly xenophobic to non-Daximite species, and considered. It is noted that those who would want to leave Daxam are considered "traitors".

Background InformationEdit

In DC Comics, the Daxamites are an offshoot of the Kryptonian race and are descended from Kryptonians who left Krypton.

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