Deacon Frost Anime

Deacon Frost was a vampire and a particular enemy of Blade.


Although the only turned member of the vampire council - all other members had been born vampires, but Frost was apparently originally human, Frost nevertheless felt that the Council were too soft on humans, and sought to establish his species as the dominant one. To this end, he arranged for Black Cat to steal various artefacts that he could use to complete a ritual to turn himself into the personification of the Blood God, La Magra, in order to re-establish the vampires as the dominant species.

Frost's plan went wrong when the Justice League and the X-Men became involved in the theft, alerting them to the vampires' activities and the ritual that had been performed. With the ritual only requiring the sacrifice of Black Cat for Frost's transformation to be permanent, the League, the X-Men and Blade retreated to a nearby church- Superman reasoning that the legend of vampires being unable to cross holy ground may have originated with the kind of vampire that Frost had become- where Blade and Superman were able to keep Frost occupied long enough for the sun to rise, prompting La Marga to withdraw his power and leave Frost to burn.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Frost possessed the standard strength, speed, longevity and healing abilities of a vampire, although his age meant that he was stronger than the average vampire.

When he became the personification of La Marga, Frost's strength and ability to heal were greatly augmented, and he was also capable of projecting himself across long distances, turning himself into a semi-solid state where his body was made of blood. However, he was unable to enter holy ground in this form.

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