Donnie Drake is the younger brother of Iceman (Bobby Drake). He is human, and hates mutants and Superman, whom he blames for the Skrull invasion of Earth, a stance his father, Frank Drake, does not approve of. Eventually he joined the Friends of Humanity, creating a rift between him and his family for his betrayal.


Early HistoryEdit

Kree-Skrull InvasionEdit

F.O.H. ConflictEdit

After the Zod incident, Donnie joined Friends of Humanity and spoke about his so-called tragic life and blamed it on mutants and aliens alike. During the attack he asked Graydon Creed to spare his parents, and also asked to be allowed to kill his own brother to prove himself. When the F.O.H. arrived at his home, they attempted to kill his parents along with his brother which was ordered by Gradyon himself.

He approached Creed and persuaded him to allow Donnie to talk his parents into leaving his mutant brother so they could be safe. However, he failed to make his point, with his father stating that everything Donnie blamed Bobby for- including his father losing his job- actually had nothing to do with Bobby, their father stating that he had been miserable in his job for some time. Refusing to accept his parents' defence of his brother, Donnie simply blamed Bobby for convincing them to take his side. When the F.O.H. was at it's defeat and their leader held at gunpoint by his mother, Mystique, Donnie grabbed a gun and attempted to fire at her, ignoring his brother's plea not to but was stopped by Jubilee. In the end he was sentenced to juvenile hall while the rest were sent to prison.


Donnie shows a stronge hatred towards mutants and Superman, blaming them for ruining his and his parents' lives, believing they should have stayed hidden to remain in secret instead of using their powers to help others. He also went so far when saying outloud that Superman should've stayed on his home planet till its destruction. After being bullied for being the brother of a mutant, Donnie then joined the F.O.H., believed that they would leave his parents unharmed in exchange for the death of his brother Bobby, until he learned that they had no intention of keeping his promise.



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