Hair: No hair (bald in human form)
Eyes: Orange
Relatives: Clea (niece)
Base: Dark Dimension
Rogue of: Doctor Strange
Abilities: Manipulation of mystic energy;


Dormammu is an malevolent entity who once ruled the Dark Dimension and a recurring nemesis of Doctor Strange.


Dormammu tyrannically ruled the Dark Dimension until he encountered and was defeated by Earth's Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange. Although overthrown, Dormammu would continued in attempting to reclaim power over the Dark Dimension for many times, but only in the end to be thwarted every time by Strange and Clea, Dormammu's niece and true ruler of the Dark Dimension.

Dormammu later abducted Clea and held her hostage in luring Strange in order to kill him and his despised niece. However, Strange instead contacted his ally Superman in rescuing Clea and defeating Dormammu.[1]


  1. The Last Son, Book Two: Reckonings, "Strange Things"

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