Duncan Matthews
Duncan Matthews XME
Species: Human
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Green
Relatives: Michael Matthews (father)

Valerie Matthews (Mother) Mitchell Matthews (Brother)

Affiliations: Friends of Humanity
Abilities: Normal Strength, brute force

Duncan Matthews was a high school jock who attended Bayville High. He is a rival to Scott Summers for the attention of Jean Grey. When mutants were outed through the entire school, he began harassing Scott in disgust and generally to other mutants and other super beings as well.


Duncan was Jean Grey's boyfriend and the current Big Man on Campus at Bayville High, despite only being a sophomore. Unlike some of the other students who gossiped about the superhero Superman, Duncan particularly possess a very low and negative opinion on the Man of Steel and even questioned his existence prior to his public appearance.


An average school jock; one of the incrowds, dating popular girls and bullying on those either smarter or weaker than himself. Shows strong signs of racism to non-humans such as Mutants and Kryptonians, but mostly towards Superman because of how much people are talking about him of the deeds he has done. Very arrogant at times for example of trying to punch Superman in the face which backfired after having broken his hand due to the Kryptonians strong density.


Family Edit

Allies Edit

Friends of Humanity Edit

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Superman Edit

Scott Summers Edit

Jean Grey: Edit

Jean Grey was Duncan's girlfriend for an unknown amount of time prior to the beginning of the story. They seemed to have a fairly good relationship early on, but over time they distanced from each other, mostly due to Duncan's tendencies to pick on the weak and his jealousy of Jean's budding closeness to her (then) best friend Scott Summers, which started to irk Jean to no end. The last straw was when he inadvertedly told Clark Kent that he was only dating her "because she was hot", unaware that Jean was behind him and had heard him clearly. Jean's response was to slap him and break up their relationship on the spot. He chased after her for a time, but eventually dropped his attempt.

With the revelation of Jean and the others being mutants, Duncan held nothing but open contempt for his former girlfriend and her friends.

Background informationEdit

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