Embeth Blaire is the cantankerous aunt of Alison Blaire. She is part-Kryptonian, a fact she is terribly ashamed of.

History Edit

Not much is known of Embeth's, other than the fact that at some point she learned of her ancestor, Kon-Lir, and became extremely ashamed of having alien blood running through her veins.

When Alison Blaire was a child, she only visited her aunt once, who wasted no time in verbally abusing her and seriously hurting her self-esteem, even to the point of making her cry to sleep.

Years later, when her niece rose to stardom as a singer, and later she began dating her childhood crush, Embeth still took to interfere in her life by dismissing her boyfriend as "someone without a spine", and even suggesting her to date Shinobi Shaw instead, which made her furious. Even after that encounter, she still made efforts to try and sabotage her life, such as calling Shinobi to inform her of her whereabouts, and later, when she was going through a hard time after learning of the truth behind her mother and her origins, pretending to welcome her with open arms.

Personality Edit

Embeth's most notable traits is her absolute xenophobia of anything non-human, even refer to one as less then a sentient being. Ironically she is part-Kryptionian along with the rest of the Blaire family as she is ashamed of and strongly holds the ideals of human purity, even goes so far as to control her niece's life for the sake of the family.

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