Erik Killmonger
Erik Killmonger (Earth-616)
Real name: N'Jadaka
Species: Human
Hair: Black
Affiliations: Gorilla Grodd
Rogue of: Black Panther
Abilities: Peak human strength, expert martial artist, genius level intellect
"What kind of mother names her kid 'Killmonger'?"

Erik Killmonger is the nemesis of the Black Panther.


A native of Wakanda, Erik Killmonger was born N'Jadaka, whose father was part of a mercenary group that assaulted Wakanda, in an attempt to overthrow its king T'Challa.

After N'Jadaka's father was killed in the attack, N'Jadaka and his family were exiled from Wakanda. Nursing a hatred against T'Challa, N'Jadaka changed his name to Erik Killmonger and desperate to avenge his father's death.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit



Background InformationEdit

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