Real name: Bennet du Paris
AKA: War
Species: Human Mutant
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Affiliations: Horsemen of Apocalypse
Rogue of: Justice League
Abilities: Telepathy;
"You – all of you – should be helping the Master! Once he rises, all the inequity our kind – and yours – faces will be razed from this world!"
―Exodus to the X-Men[src]

Exodus, real name Bennet du Paris, was a mutant and devoted follower of Apocalypse in which he became the Horseman of War.


Exodus was Bennet du Paris before he was taken to a facility and disabused badly by its human handlers, which he developed a fanatical and utter hatred of non-mutants. Unknown to du Paris, he was manipulated by Sinister to shaping into who he is; in which the mutant scientist freed du Paris along with Blink with promise of a "golden age" for mutantkind under Apocalypse. Du Paris gladly accepted and adopted his alias Exodus.

Exodus along with Sinister and Blink assaulted the Xavier Institute in capturing Mystique as the final puzzle in freeing Apocalypse. When confronting the students and faculty, Exodus gave them an offer of joining the side of his master, or die; his proposal was outright refused. Exodus was subsequently beaten into submission by Superman, but was able to escape with Blink after Sinister succeeded in capturing Mystique. After Apocalypse was freed, Exodus was given the honor of leading his master's army and becoming the Horseman of War.


Exodus is blindly loyal to Apocalypse, and reacts with open rage and shock whenever someone opposes his master. He seemed particularly shocked when Superman refused to serve Apocalypse, completely forgetting or ignoring the fact that Superman would never serve someone as evil as Apocalypse.

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