Species: Human Mutant
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Abilities: Superhuman intuitive genius at inventing

Forge was a mutant who has the ability to turn one of his hands into a multi-tooled robotic device. He attended in Bayville High School in 1978 and was trapped in a pocket-dimension for nearly three decades due to a backfired experiment. Forge was later freed by Superman, the X-Men, and the Fantastic Four.


Forge was an expert with machines and technology. After enrolling in Bayville High, Forge was considered himself a "king" of machine-shop, as well as a computer-expert. He later developed a device that opened a portal to a pocket-dimension which he dubbed it the "Middleverse". Forge gotten careless in exploring this dimension and was trapped there; fortunately, time passes differently in the Middleverse, so he didn't age. After being stuck in this predicament, Forge was able to brought his lab-equipment, along with his car, following his accident and spent his years recreating the device that brought him in the Middleverse in the hopes that he could use it to escape.

By 2007, Nightcrawler was also accidentally sent into the Middleverse and met with Forge. Due to Nightcrawler's disappearance being seen by Rogue, the X-Men and Superman with help from the Fantastic Four were able to return Forge and Nightcrawler to their world. Although becoming an ally of the X-Men, Forge declined to join them, as he put it, for being "thirty years late for curfew" and desire to be reunited with his mother.

Forge's mutant power

The year after his return from the Middleverse, Forge came to the Xavier Institute to research on dimensional planes with Nightcrawler's teleportation to travel through them. Unfortunately, the experiment to lengthens his travel between dimensions had left the rifts open long enough for the creatures from the other side to travel through, some in the Danger Room and the school. Using his device to send them all back to their home dimension and sealing the rifts before anymore of the lizards could escape.

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Forge's background is based on the X-Men: Evolution.