Species: Atlantean clone
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Relatives: Namor (genetic template)
Base: Atlantis
Abilities: Aquatic adaptation

Garth was one of two clones of Namor created by the Lemurians and Atlantean renegade General Attuma as part of a plan to conquer Atlantis. However, unlike Noram, Garth was created with no memories of his true origins and genuinely believed that he was representing Lemuria's interest in peace with Atlantis. When his origins were exposed, Namor allowed Garth to remain in Atlantis, officially as Namor's royal ward, recognizing many of his own better youthful qualities in Garth and wanting to keep a closer eye on him.

Background information Edit

Garth is probably based on the first character who takes on the identity of Aqualad in DC Comics, who in his early years was the sidekick to Aquaman. Later, as an adult, he would take the codename Tempest.

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