Green Arrow
Real name: Oliver Queen
AKA: Sherwood Forest
Species: Human
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Black
Base: Metropolis;
Justice League Watchtower
Affiliations: Justice League;
Six Musketeers (formerly)
Abilities: Expert marksmanship
Hand to hand combatant
Weaponry: Trick arrows

Green Arrow, real name Oliver "Ollie" Queen, was a superhero operating in Metropolis before being recruited into the Justice League.


Oliver Queen is the heir of Queen Industries. As a child, he grew up in Smallville, Kansas, and was part of a group of friends along with Clark Kent, Lex Luthor, Wally West, Victor Stone and Arthur Curry, who referred to themselves as the "Six Musketeers", and had many adventures together.

As an adult, he eventually moved to Metropolis, and sometime after assuming leadership of Queen Industries, he took on a vigilante Robin-Hood-esque persona dubbed as the Green Arrow who frequently targeted minor and organized criminals.

During a reunion with his old crew, Oliver asked for their help to capture and destroy a smuggled weapon shipment from Shaw International, even discovering that there was an even bigger one to be transported that same night. This led to a confrontation with Shinobi Shaw, Emma Frost and the Hellions. Although their foes escaped, their mission was successful as they destroyed both shipments and made sure they left empty-handed.

After forming the Justice League, Clark approached Oliver with the offer to join as well. Although flattered, Oliver was reluctant, as he wanted to focus on helping "the little guys". After a mission where they had to rescue Lex from Emma Frost and her cronies, Oliver finally decided to accept the invitation, realizing that sometimes the biggest problems liked to "step on the little guys".


Green Arrow is one of the more lighthearted members of the Justice League, who doesn't always take himself as seriously as many of the others, mantaining an affable and charismatic demeanor. Always as quick with a quip and joke as he is with his bow, he seems to have a sense of fun when he's out in the field.

Powers and abilities

Green Arrow is a highly trained martial artist and marksman, able to use assorted projectile weaponry with amazing accuracy. His primary choice of weaponry is a high-tech long bow, capable of retracting into his gauntlet for easy storage, and a wide variety of trick arrows armed with explosives, traps and other gadgets. He also carries handgund-sized crossbows as secondary weapons.

Background information

Green Arrow's background in The Last Son seems mostly based in his Smallville incarnation.

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