Real name: Grodd
AKA: Gorilla Grodd
Species: Genetically enhanced Gorilla
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Base: Gorilla City
Affiliations: Erik Killmonger
Rogue of: Justice League, X-Men, Solovar
Abilities: Strength and agility inherent of his species of origin, genius-level intelligence.
Weaponry: Relies mainly on hand-held beam weapons based on Kree weapons, super-human strength and agility.

Grodd was a hyper-intelligent ape, native to Gorilla City.


Grodd was a scientist and the First Science Minister of Gorilla City. Due to his intellect, he was responsible for more of the recent technological advancement in Gorilla City.

Unlike many of his fellow gorillas that become complacent with isolation from the outside world, Grodd desired to use the technological might of Gorilla City to conquer the world over humankind.

Grodd secretly established contact with Erik Killmonger in supplying him cloaking technology for his insurgency against the Wakandan King T'Challa in exchange for attacking Gorilla City and allowing Grodd to removing King Solovar from power and fooling the gorillas into supporting him.


Grodd shows a general distrust of humans, believing his people have the right to dominate the Earth. However he does at reluctant times work with them such as his plans to succeed.

Background InformationEdit

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