Species: Human
Hair: Black
Affiliations: Kingpin
Rogue of: Spider-Man
Abilities: Upper body skeleton made of adamantium;

Heightened strength

Weaponry: Thompson sub-machine guns

Hammerhead is a nameless gangster who receives his name in possessing adamantium-plated skull, giving his head a flattened shape. Hammerhead distinguishes himself from other villains in that he dresses up and acts somewhat like a gangster from the 1920s.


Hammerhead, alongside with Tombstone and Doctor Octopus, worked for the Kingpin in interrogating Spider-Man for information regarding to Superman. However, shortly later, Superman appear before them. Hammerhead failed in attempting to gun down the Man of Steel before trying to headbutt him, but only for Superman to merely step out the way and letting Hammerhead to crash into a pile of rubble, knocking him out cold. Hammerhead was able to escape when the Kingpin provided a distraction for Superman.

Powers and abiltitiesEdit


Background InformationEdit

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