Harry Osborn
Harry Osborn (Earth-TRN123)
Species: Human
Hair: Red
Relatives: Norman Osborn (father)

Harry Osborn is the son of Norman Osborn and a friend of Peter Parker.



Harry was a shy young man who attended Midtown High and became best friends with Peter Parker.

When his father was arrested and exposed as the Green Goblin, Harry was convinced that his father was framed by the Justice League to protect Spider-Man - unknown to him that the vigilante he grown to despised was actually Peter. Attempts to prove his father's 'innocence' from going to the police to reopening Norman's case to having the district attorney to indict Spider-Man and the League had failed.

Harry's disgust of the League and especially Spider-Man had considerably grown to the point of obsession since the Skrull-Kree-Shi'ar invasion and General Zod's conquest, which he blamed the League for allowing the events to happened and believed Superman betrayed Zod for control over Sentrius.

This culminate with Harry using OsCorp Goblin-based tech to become a "pseudo-Goblin" to fight and expose Spider-Man of his alleged crime. However, his first confrontation with Spider-Man lead to his identity exposed and which Harry was later confronted by Peter, who tried to reason Harry, and ultimately ended their friendship.

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