Herr Kleiser
Herr Kleiser
Species: Chitauri
Affiliations: Chitauri Federation, Nazi Party
Rogue of: Captain America
Abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, and stamina;


Herr Kleiser was a high ranking member of the alien hierarchy known as the Chitauri, and was part of a group who infiltrated Earth during World War II.


Taking the form of a Nazi lieutenant, Kleiser and his fellow Chitauri contacted the Nazi Party and attempted to help them win the war by offering advanced technology. The Chitauri wished to manipulate the Nazis to conquer Earth and wiping out the human race.

Near the end of the war, Herr Kleiser supervised the construction of a nuclear missile and have it launched at the United States. However, Herr Kleiser faced Captain America and was wounded by the super-soldier. Although injured, Kleiser was able to launch the missile. Unfortunately for the Chitauri's plans, Captain America latched onto the missile and succeeded in detonating it while airborne.

Background informationEdit

Herr Kleiser was the enemy of Captain America and the Ultimates, and appears in the Ultimate Marvel imprint. The Last Son version of Herr Kleiser is based on his depiction in the animated movies Ultimate Avengers and Ultimate Avengers 2: Rise of the Panther.

In Ultimate Marvel, he obtain his name and appearance by absorbing a Nazi officer named Herr Kameleon, who shares the same name as the character in the mainstream comics.

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