The Hungan
Species: Human
Hair: Bald
Affiliations: Followers of Apocalypse (formerly)
Rogue of: Storm
Abilities: Sorcery

The Hungan was a witch doctor from Storm's tribe and one of her enemies.


The Hungan was the shaman of Storm's tribe before she had become their goddess-figure. Jealous of the mutant, he had fought her for control of the tribe, but she had soundly defeated him. Ever since then, the Hungan had desired for revenge.

Years later, the Hungan allied with the followers of Apocalypse into finally gaining his vengeance on Storm by capturing her and take control of her powers using her fears of claustrophobia to help him do so. However, the X-Men, Superman, and the Black Panther foiled the Hungan's ritual and saving Storm. While the Hungan was interrogated by the Black Panther into revealing the organization he was working with, the Hungan's mind was rendered brain-dead by Mesmero in order to keep his silence.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

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