Illyana Rasputina
Species: Human
Relatives: Piotr Rasputin (brother)
Base: Xavier Institute
Affiliations: X-Men

Illyana Rasputina is the younger sister of Colossus.


When Illyana was found to be suffering from leukaemia, Colossus was contacted by Magneto, who offered to treat Illyana's illness in exchange for Colossus's services.

After Illyana was cured of her illness, Colossus attempted to leave the Acolytes, but was subtly informed by Magneto that his parents would be threatened if Colossus attempted to depart. Despite this, Colossus was able to smuggle Illyana out of the Acolytes' base by hiding her in a laundry basket- telling her that they were playing hide-and-seek- and departing the base before asking Superman for help. Their parents were placed under observation to ensure that Magneto left them alone, with Krypto's enthusiastic reaction to meeting Illyana helping the rest of the Justice League and the X-Men conclude that Colossus's reasons for leaving the Acolytes could be trusted. She continues to reside at the institute during the year, where she is, to date, the only member of the Institute to see Dust's face, and has also come to be regarded by Siryn as the little sister she always wanted.

Background InformationEdit

Illyana Rasputina is based on the Marvel Comics character. To date, she has yet to manifest her comic counterpart's control over limbo or sorcery skills.

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