Irene Adler
AKA: Destiny
Species: Human Mutant
Hair: Brown
Relatives: Rogue (ward)
Base: New Orleans
Affiliations: Mystique
Abilities: Precognition

Irene Adler, also known as Destiny, was a Mutant precognitive able to accurately predict future events. She is Mystique's best friend and took care of Rogue before she joined the X-Men. Destiny is responsible for foretelling a prophecy concerning Superman's role and prominent impact it will have on Earth.


Irene Adler was friends with Mystique and became the foster parent of her friend's adoptive daughter, Rogue. During Kal-El's arrival to Earth, Adler detected him and saw his prophecy that will affect her world. She shared this vision to Mystique, Magneto, and Doctor Doom, that concerns of Superman having a major role in uniting mutantkind and the great challenges that lies ahead. Magneto and Doctor Doom had interpret their views on Adler's prophecy that Superman was meant to lead mutantkind over humanity.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Although blind, Irene has the ability to see the future, with particularly large events being visible long enough they occur; she foretold what would happen as a result of Superman's activities around the same time as he arrived on Earth. Her prophecies regarding Superman's activities were not expressed clearly, but it is unclear if this is because Irene was unable to interpret her dreams any more explicitly than she demonstrated here or if she deliberately coded her spoken interpretation for some reason.