John Hardesky is the father of Black Cat, like his daughter, John was a thief in his time until he was arrested and sent in the New York State Penitentiary for his crimes of murdering Ben Parker, who was the uncle of Peter Parker, however it was revealed to be an accident when he was trying to steal a car from Ben's garage but he was offered help instead and was about to leave, until he tripped and accidentally shot him. Faced with horrors of his actions, John tried to commit suicide when hiding in the docks until he was found by Spider-Man and was arrested.

He was once considered to be on parole but turned it down to serve his sentence, even when his daughter tried to break him out. When Spider-man (possessed by the Symbiont) attempted to take his life, confessed to what happened and was spared from the living suit's wrath. He was sent back to prison willingly by the Justice League after the incident.

Background Information Edit

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