Elder Jorge
Species: Vampire
Base: formerly New York City
Affiliations: Nocturnae Council

Elder Jorge was a member of the Nocturnae Council and the head of Propaganda and Communications; his role was to ensure that knowledge of vampires remained strictly within the realm of speculation, while also keeping a close eye on all human communications.


During a council meeting with the Elder Heads, Jorge was the bearer of bad news to report of the theft of vampire artifacts that were stolen by the Black Cat and the incident involved with Blade and affiliates of Deacon Frost. Jorge and the other Elders were fully informed by Frost of Superman and the Justice League's involvement, in which Jorge voiced his support in eliminating the heroes.

During another meeting, Jorge reported on Deacon Frost's temporarily attempt in harnessing the power of La Magra and his death. While the Elders were about to elect on including the Justice League and the Xavier Institute under the Blood Oath, Superman appeared before them and informed them that the League had tapped into the Council's entire information and ensured in observing them from making any crimes. To prove Superman's point, Jorge discovered to his shock that indeed the Council's system is being easily hacked into and making it vulnerable in the open. Jorge and the other Elders proceed immediately to flee and reconvene at the Los Angeles safe-house.

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