Justice League Watchtower

The Justice League Watchtower was a space station orbiting the Earth that served as the headquarters of the Justice League.


After the Justice League was first formed, the League issued a headquarters to be established on neutral grounds; in which their headquarters reflects the League's intentions to help the entire world. The Xavier Institute and the Fortress of Solitude were first suggested to be their base of operations but dropped: the Institute would only further endangered the faculty and their students; and the Fortress is on the North Pole and technically lie within Atlantean territory. Superman established the Watchtower to be above in Earth's orbit and making it ideal for keeping a watch on the Earth below. Batman contributed the Watchtower with funding and resources discreetly provided by Wayne Enterprises.

The Watchtower was finally constructed and activated on September 7, 2008. Prior to its activation, the Watchtower was operated solely on minimum power to avoid detection.


The Watchtower holds two dozen sleeping quarters, each capable of housing four. It also possesses a state-of-the-art laboratory and workshop, as well as a Training Center, in addition to a kitchen and mess hall.

The Watchtower's Monitor Womb served as the station's 'nerve center' in which all the Watchtower's systems are routed through here, as well as sensor input and communications. Its operating system Beacon serves to alert the League members any time it detects an emergency, and also regulates all the Tower's systems, as well as any system connected to the Tower, including its six Javelins.

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