"Keep Your Enemies Closer" is the third chapter of The Last Son, Book Three: Changes.



Hawkgirl: That 'Siryn'…isn't she..?
Batman: Anita LeRoux, adopted daughter of Victor von Doom, heir apparent to the Latverian throne. LeRoux is an Alpha-Class mutant; abilities include UHF/ULF vocal modulation and suggestion, and a high-intensity sonic-blast, in addition to unquantified thaumaturgical abilities.
Flash: Huh??
Superman: Her voice can make other people do what she wants, she can generate a high-powered sonic scream, and she knows magic.
Flash: Oh.

Siryn: I've been somewhat curious about that, myself, Kal-El. What is your headquarters like?
Superman: Except for monitoring emergency frequencies and scanning for suspicious transmissions, it's not much different from the Institute.
Hellion: And you have to be in orbit to do that?
Aquaman: Outer space is neutral, kiddo. By staying up there, we let everyone know we don't play favourites.
Hellion: Well, isn't that nice. I'm sure the guys aiming the missiles at you will think so, too.

Martian Manhunter: I believe, Miss Frost, that your world has a saying about curiosity. If this happens again, I assure you that felines will not be the ONLY ones in danger from curiosity. Am I understood?

Superman: Remember those old western-movie marathons we used to watch with the others as kids?
Aquaman: Lone Ranger maneuver?
Superman: Hi-ho, Silver.

Shinobi Shaw: He'll fail, you know. Regardless of how much he and his 'League' tries, the Kryptonian will fail. Oh, yes, my dearest, there are those who find his 'heroics' amusing – you yourself are proof of that – but there is one thing that amuses the masses even more than a hero. And that, my dearest, is to see a hero fail…and believe me, he will.
Power Girl: That sounds like a threat.
Shinobi Shaw: Consider it a statement of fact. History has taught us nothing but the fact that heroes fall…and I would spare you from going down with him, my dearest…

Power Girl: Shaw, I'd rather fall with him than be with someone like you. Consider that "a statement of fact".

Emma Frost: I must say, I thought you were smarter than this, Charles…but then again, your idealism was always your weakness. Did you really think that I would turn to your point of view? That you could 'save me'? I never needed saving, Charles. I'm just fine, thank you very much.

Cyclops: Gambit, can you pick that lock?
Gambit: Faster den Kit can burn de pap'rweights she be callin' muffins.
Shadowcat: Hey!

Green Lantern: Not bad, kid.
Thunderbird: Ex-Marine, Bravo Company.
Green Lantern: Too bad, Marine. Angel Company.

Alison Blaire: Kal…why are you letting her stay here at all..?
Superman: Because Siryn – Anita – never had a choice, before now. She was raised by Doom, taushi; she doesn't know anything but what he's shown her. We have a chance to show her something different.

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