The Khaki Barn is a clothing store that parodies The Gap in the Galleria Mall. It is the workplace of Nikki Wong and Chrissy, Kristen, and Kirsten (AKA The Clones), who often annoy Nikki. Nikki is usually not very outgoing and doesn't normally help the customers with anything. It is seen that there is usually a long line of people, and Nikki's friends often hold up the long lines. Nikki normally refers to the store as the "Crappy Barn" or "Tacky Barn". Caitlin likes the clothes at the Khaki Barn. The employees are required to say "Welcome to The Khaki Barn" when a customer enters, and "Have a Khaki Day" when they leave. The Khaki Barn and its slogan, "Where individuality is highly overrated", stand for everything Nikki is against (including The Clones, who represent all that the store embraces), but it was the only store that, in an ironic twist, would hire Nikki. Jen's older sister Courtney is a former Khaki Barn employee (which Courtney tells Nikki in "It's Always Courtney, Courtney, Courtney"). The day Nikki left she made a speech and denounced the Barn for exactly what it was: the embodiment of everything that's wrong with the world today. Nikki's little speech gave the Barn so much bad publicity that its sales took a major hit, a year and a half later, they launched a massive media blitz to try and recoup the losses. It almost worked, too…until it backfired in the worst way, a little girl killed herself because she couldn't afford the Barn's latest line? Her mother launched a huge class-action lawsuit against the Barn, representing her daughter and others like her; apparently, she wasn't the first.Months after the mom won the suit, the Barn filed for bankruptcy. By 2009 the place that use to be the Barn is a health-food shop.

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