AKA: Super-Skrull
Species: Skrull
Affiliations: Skrull Empire
Rogue of: Superman, Justice League
Abilities: Superhuman strength;

Hand to hand combat master;
Body elasticity;

"These humans may call you "Superman"…but nothing will save you from the new breed of shock-troops we will create! I am but the prototype! The first Super-Skrull!'"

Kl'rt is the Supreme Commander of the Skrull Imperial Fleet. He became the first Super-Skrull, who bears the combined superpowers of the Fantastic Four, in the Skrull Empire's forces.


Background informationEdit

In Marvel Comics, Kl'rt - more commonly known as the Super-Skrull - was handpicked by the Skrull Emperor Dorrek VII to be artificially augmented and given the combined abilities of the Fantastic Four. He was then dispatched to Earth to defeat the Fantastic Four, who thwarted the Empire's attempt to invade Earth, to pave the way for a renewed invasion by the Skrull Empire. However, Kl'rt was defeated and continually becoming a constant adversary of the Four and other heroes.

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