Species: Kryptonian
Relatives: Carter Blaire, Embeth Blaire, and Alison Blaire (descendants)

Kon-Lir was a Kryptonian who was marooned on Earth around the 1500s.


Around the 16th Century, Kon-Lir was sent on a survey mission to the Milky Way Galaxy. He came upon Earth but unwittingly intervened in a space battle over the planet between the Skrulls and the Kree. Kon-Lir's presence had forced both sides to cease their battle and focused on attacking his ship. Although woefully outnumbered, Kon-Lir's Speeder managed to devastate the Skrulls and the Kree, and forcing them to leave Earth. However, Kon-Lir's ship was severely damaged and was force to crash land on Earth, where his ship landed in the Atlantic Ocean. Upon escaping his vessel, Kon-Lir came into a misunderstanding conflict with the Atlantean, who came to investigate his fallen vessel. He was able to shrugged off their technologically superior weapons and destroying the ships that were attacking him, and unintentionally striking the Atlanteans with great fear by his display of his Kryptonian powers. This encounter had Atlanteans referring to Kon-Lir and his people as the "Travelers" that went down in their stories and legends to the point of turning his vessel into a shrine.

Kon-Lir was marooned. Without any way of repairing his ship, he resigned to adjust life on Earth for the next eighty years. Kon-Lir spent his life traveling around the world. He also came to Nova Roma, where he encountered the tyrannical, immortal mutant Selene, and incited a rebellion against the self-proclaimed goddess. Eventually, he settled down in England where he subsequently fell in love with a human woman and raising a family.

Following Kon-Lir's years on Earth he was finally rescued by a Kryptonian rescue party. He was brought back to Krypton, but was reprimanded for breaking the Supreme Law - one which never interfere with other races - for interbreeding with the human woman he became in love with and allowing his DNA to spread among the human population.


Kon-Lir's impact on Earth resonated to the 21st Century. He sired a long generation of human beings who carries latent Kryptonian DNA. His direct descendant Alison Blaire became Power Girl and the love interest of Superman. His spaceship would centuries later be recovered and rebuilt by Superman, who rechristened the ship, the Argo. His encounter with the mutant Selene caused her to bear an enormous enmity towards the Kryptonian race and laid her hatred on Superman.

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