Species: Guardians of the Universe
Hair: White
Base: Oa
Affiliations: Guardians of the Universe,
Green Lantern Corps

Krallen is an Oan and one of the Guardians of the Universe.


Krallen was one of the founders of the Green Lantern Corps. He later brought news to Green Lantern John Stewart of a surviving Kryptonian, Superman, to be living on Earth after being notified by Galactic Confederacy Head Councillor Winema Wazzo, and warned him about Ronan the Accuser's intentions on wiping out the last Kryptonian; in which Krallen assigned Stewart in seeing Superman's safety. Stewart succeeded in his mission and Krallen contacted the Confederacy in sending a contingent to support the Green Lantern. After the situation was resolved, Krallen relayed new orders to Stewart through Councillor Wazzo to patrol the Solar System to ensure the Kree doesn't return to threaten Earth.[1] Krallen later gave his consent to letting Stewart to having a permanent assignment on Earth when the Corpsman joined the Justice League.[2]


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