Species: Atlantean
Hair: Bald
Affiliations: Attuma
Rogue of: Namor

General Krang was a high-ranking member of the Atlantean military.


Krang held reserve resentment towards Namor for ruling Atlantis and his peaceful relationship with the surface in what he perceived as weak, and secretly plotted with Attuma in overthrowing the Atlantean king.

Krang was present at leading the Atlantean navy in attacking the Fortress of Solitude and the results that left the entire fleet disabled was considered a great embarrassment for the general, which made him more cautious of Superman and his Kryptonian technology.

When Namor's Lemurian clone Noram obtained the Trident of Neptune and technically making him the "rightful" ruler of Atlantis, Krang staged a coup and attempted to arrest Namor and his family. However, the royal family escaped to the Fortress of Solitude but Krang was able to cut off Aquaman's hand. Krang later awaited before Noram's arrival and immediately swear his loyalties to the Lemurian king. But, Krang was harshly criticized by Noram for failing to capture the royal family.

Krang later led the rebel Atlantean forces to assault the Fortress of Solitude. During the battle, Krang was defeated by Leviathan and subsequently imprisoned along with Noram by Namor for his treachery.

Background informationEdit

In Marvel Comics, Krang was a leader of the Atlantean military and warlord of Atlantis who rose to prominence during the time in which Namor, the Prince of Atlantis was missing. Upon Namor's return, Krang's bride-to-be, the Lady Dorma, deserted him for Namor, bringing a great hatred for Namor from Krang. Krang later took control of Atlantis from Namor before being defeated in personal combat by Namor, and was exiled. Krang became a professional criminal and from time onward clashed with Namor.

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