Lar Gand
Species: Daxamite
Affiliations: Galactic Space Police Force

Lar Gand is a Daxamite and a constable of the Galactic Space Police Force.


Lar Gand hails from a family that has been Daxam's old-guard in maintaining Daxamite isolationism. Unlike the highly xenophobic Daxamites, Lar Gand held an tolerant view towards aliens and rejected his people's isolationist beliefs. When Daxam was visited by diplomats from the Galactic Confederacy, the Daxamites rejected their invitation of joining the galactic community. For Lar Gand and along with others like him, accepted the Confederacy's offers of leaving their world and in which he joined the Space Police. This move, however, caused Lar Gand to be disowned by his family and was branded as a traitor to his people.

Background InformationEdit

In DC Comics, Lar Gand is a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. In various versions, Lar Gand is a hero who shares similar powers as Superman's, and sometime serving as a substitute for the better-known character.

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