Real name: Ron Williams
Species: Human Mutant
Base: Xavier Institute
Affiliations: X-Factor, New Mutants
Abilities: Aquatic adaptation, superhuman strength, durability, and agility

Leviathan, real name Ron Williams, was a high school student who developed mutant powers and gained the appearance of a amphibian humanoid.


Ron previously attend a school in New Jersey and becoming a champion swimmer, before his X-Gene were manifested. He attended the Xavier Institute in 2008 and took another name as Leviathan.

When the Atlanteans sought the aid of the X-Men and Superman in negotiating a treaty with the neighboring underwater kingdom, Lemuria, Leviathan played an important part in their victory when it was discovered that the Lemurians intended to betray and conquer Atlantis; his mutation had given him a physical appearance very like the Lemurians, allowing him to go through their city relatively undetected. Ron has since begun a tentative relationship with Namorita, Atlantean princess and sister to Atlantis's ruler, Namor, despite his own self-confidence issues and uncertainty at what Namorita could see in him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Leviathan possesses speed, strength, and senses that are higher than a normal human's, only solidifying his advantage in water. Ron's scales were also incredibly durable, comparable in strength to Kevlar, capable of stopping bullets and breaking vampire fangs.



Background informationEdit

Leviathan is an original character created by ZK Chromedragozoid.

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