The Lexo-Skel 3000 was a combat exoskeleton created by LexCorp.


Designed to be piloted by a single man, the Lexo-Skel was a heavily armed and armored battlesuit that Lex Luthor touted as an answer to American soldiers surviving insurgent warfare by cutting the number of soldiers in service overseas down to a quarter and reduce to even less than that; in which Luthor had claimed that the suit wasn't just a new way to wage war, but an opportunity to saving and protecting the lives of soldiers.

Abilities and equipmentEdit

The Lexo-Skel was armed with high-caliber cannons and missile launchers. It can move at twice the speed of any tank, and it's equipped with a limited booster-rocket system. Its hull is reinforced with vibranium that can even resist the blast of a nuclear weapon.

Background informationEdit

The Lexo-Skel is based on the Lexo-Skel Suit 5000 from Superman: The Animated Series.

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