Lilandra Neramani
Lilandra Neramani
Real name: Lilandra Neramani
AKA: Majestrix
Species: Shi'ar
Hair: Black
Relatives: Kral'Nor (father)
Rin'andra (mother)
D'Ken (brother)
Cal'syee (sister)
Affiliations: Shi'ar Republic

Lilandra Neramani is the current ruler of the Shi'ar Republic. Although she holds the title of Empress, her position is actually that of a head of state.

History Edit

Lilandra assumed the throne at some point after the end of the Krypton-Shi'ar War. Striving to reform the former empire into a republic of liberty and justice, this brought her into conflict with her elder siblings, D'Ken and Cal'syee, who wanted to expand the empire to conquer and enslave more worlds.

Background Information Edit

In the comics, Lilandra Neramani was the first Shi'ar to be introduced. Lilandra has often been a pivotal secondary character in the X-Men's history, starting from her participation in the Phoenix Saga. She is considered one of Professor Xavier's most cherished loves and has played a significant part in the development of both characters, as well as many of the plots throughout the X-Men timeline.

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