Species: Kryptonian
Relatives: Saer-El (father)
Jor-El (brother)
Lara-El (sister-in-law)
Kal-El (nephew)
Zira (wife)
Kara Zor-El (step-daughter)
Von-El and Nir-El (ancestor)
Base: Argo

Lin-El was a Kryptonian archaeologist and the father of Kara Zor-El.


While his brother Jor-El was very proficient in the sciences, Lin-El showed about as much proficiency in the sciences as the average Kryptonian, but he was nowhere near as talented as his brother. Because of this, his father Saer-El shown disappointment towards his son. Despite his disinterest in science, Lin-El found his niche in the history of Krypton's ancient past; he became a well-respected archaeologist and historian, in which Jor-El had encouraged him to followed his passion. However, Lin-El's career-choice was disparaged by his father.

Lin-El later married Zira, another archaeologist, who was then the widow of another, Rol-Zor; she joined the House of El by marriage along with her daughter, Kara. The marriage was heavily disapproved by Saer-El, who even refused to allow his granddaughter-in-law to bear the family name; the most he permitted was the name Zor-El.

Lin-El and his wife later came archaeological breakthrough on Argo to discovering Von-El's fabled weapon, the Sword of El. They moved their estate to Argo to better examine the excavation site of the sword. During the excavation, they unearthed a dormant Eradicator. Fearing that the weapon would reactivate, Lin-El constructed a stasis-chamber in such an event. Lin-El's fear came to being as the Eradicator was reactivated and killed the entire planet's population with Lin-El among them, but not before saving his step-daughter by putting her in a shielded cryogenic chamber where she remained dormant for decades until being rescued by his nephew Kal-El.

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