Madame Hydra
Madame Hydra
AKA: Catherine Blaire
Species: Human
Hair: Green
Relatives: Carter Blaire (husband, separated)
Alison Blaire (daughter)
Affiliations: HYDRA
Rogue of: Justice League, X-Men

Madame Hydra is one of the leaders of HYDRA.


Not much is known about Madame Hydra prior to joining the terrorist organization, HYDRA.

HYDRA became aware that ancient extraterrestrials once visited Earth after one of their operatives discovered parts of a Kryptonian ship belonged to Kon-Lir in Wakanda. Realizing that certain humans carried Kon-Lir's DNA, HYDRA infiltrated several medical clinics around the world, until finding Carter Blaire, who was a direct descendant of Kon-Lir. Blaire was the only individual who had a high percentage of Kryptonian DNA, and HYDRA was determined to create their own Kryptonian being. Madame Hydra then assumed the alias of "Catherine Blaire", and seduced Carter Blaire while fresh out of law school. For several years, Madame Hydra had conceived several infants, but were imperfect to HYDRA's goals. These infants were secretly experimented by Sinister and blanketed as "miscarried".

They discovered that Kryptonian DNA was far more complex than human DNA, and Carter's Kryptonian DNA possessed only the genes coded for the advanced abilities, but lacked the source to power them. Sinister devised an X-Gene configuration that imparted phono-photic transmutation on its holder. Madame Hydra then gave birth to Alison Blaire.

For some years she seemed to have a happy marriage with Carter, and even feigned a career in entertainment to inspire Alison to go into the music business (so she could have a source for her powers). One day, however, she walked off without warning, leaving Carter to raise their daughter alone. Nevertheless, she kept an eye on her daughter's achievements, waiting for the day to "recover" her investment.

Later on, she contacter Graydon Creed from the Friends of Humanity to propose a deal with them, after their failed scheme with the Sentinels.

She finally approached her daughter under the pretense of trying to reconcile with her, taking the chance to kidnap her and force her to reveal the secrets of Superman and his Fortress of Solitude so they could gain access to Kryptonian technology, but their attempt was foiled when Alison was rescued by the Justice League and the X-Men.

Nevertheless, the attempt was not a full loss, as they managed to retrieve a blood sample from Alison, and used her to create a clone of her.

Personality Edit

Madame Hydra is a cold, ruthless and power-hungry woman, willing to go to any lengths to fulfill the goals of her organization. She's very manipulative, having married Carter Blaire just to gain access to his Kryptonian DNA, and seeing him and the daughter they had together as little more than a personal investment.

Background information Edit

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